About Me

From January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, I worked at rapidmail GmbH in the Berlin, as a PHP developer.

From the middle of 2016 working for "Stuck und Bau Crimmitschau GmbH", as a system administrator and developer. As maintenance all of systems and servers of the company.

Previously, i worked two years for the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in Bulgaria, Sofia, as a web programmer. I went through all their systems and servers, and always come to the end of my tasks set by management.

During this time I took part over the administration of their web systems and they are:

It also has a very large participation and systems over their development and maintenance of server systems. I have a lot of experience in the IT sector.

Before I started to work for "Sofia University" I have worked in other IT companies. Previous companies are "I & N Sofia" and "Megalan" LTD.

I work actively in building their own web-based projects. I have experience in SEO optimization, design and administration of web pages based on various CMS platforms: Wordpress, OpenCart, EzPublich, Drupal. I have experience with: PHP 5, SQL, Doctrine, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Angularjs, Git, Mercurial, Symfony2, Bash Script, C #, ASP.NET MVC, Python, MySql, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Linux.









PHP 90%
Symfony 90%
Laravel 85%
Vue.js 85%
MySQL 80%
JavaScript 80%
Linux 70%
CSS3 70%
Docker 70%
PHPUnit 60%
UAT 60%
Drupal 50%

PHP Superglobals "global"

In meiner langen Erfahrung habe ich so viele Programme gesehen, die das "global"-Schlüsselwort verwendet wurden.

Ein paar typische Beispiele sind "global $options;", "global $c", "global $C", "global $b", "global $a", "global $_AUTH", "global $username", "global $password", "global $db" oder "global $_PDO".

What clients say and colleagues?


Eric Hermann

Full Stack Web Developer, pro-samed GmbH

" I have worked with Mr. Boykov on various projects and value him very much as a colleague. He can quickly familiarize himself with different technologies and quickly finds his way around. His ability... "


Georgi Silviev

Georgi Silviev

Analyst, computer systems and networks in university computing center, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski”

" I worked with Mr. Lyubomir Boykov for several years, including tasks with high intensity and deadlines for the end result. His knowledge in the field of information and communication technology are... "


Plamen Georgiev Dragiyski

Plamen Georgiev Dragiyski

Free Software Developer, Linked

" Mr. Boykov is very capable software developer, that can handle urgent tasks effectively under extreme circumstances. Our work environment required working on project with constant deadline and huge... "


Marin Shalamanov

Marin Shalamanov

Developer, Arim

" Lyumobir Boykov joined our team in a harsh moment and his work was immediately noticed. Through all the time he was proactive and honest, working at very high quality. "